Moosbauer, a lifestyle - feel and enjoy it

Let yourself be inspired. In 2020 we offer you again new and exciting experiences in a class of their own! Whether camping guest or not, the events are open to everyone.

Attention: for the moment all events are cancelled

The focus of these events is on sustainability. This includes:

  • Menu evenings with our butcher Alexander Holzner from Lana, who will talk about the preparation and use of atypical meat cuts during a special menu
  • Barbecue courses with the guys from "Südtiroler BBQ" on various topics, where global recipes are prepared with regional ingredients
  • The beer brewing seminar "homebrewing" - learning to brew your own beer 
  • Tasting of beers, wines and other local specialities
  • Exchange market, fashion shows, creative workshops (in planning)
  • ...

For events and courses in English language please ask at [email protected]

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