Learning concept on the camp site

In 2010 we started with our LernCamping concept. At that time the main focus was on South Tyrol. For us it was and still is a possibility to show you South Tyrol in all its facets in an entertaining, informative and relaxed way. And that during your camping holiday!

You will be informed about the topics language, culture, nature, politics, history, people, as well as life and enjoyment in South Tyrol.

In our opinion, the most important thing is the clever implementation of this idea in vivid presentations and actions. Because only in this way can learning become an experience and awaken the desire to learn and experience something new.

The concept was so well received that we dared to take the next step in 2017. Now 2 very important key topics share our philosophy.

1. sustainability and climate protection: these 2 important topics are especially close to our hearts. We as a company set a good example for this (sustainability at the Moosbauer) and with the help of the learning camping concept we would like to inspire our guests to think, rethink and help. 

2. the basic concept "South Tyrol" will be maintained. Because only those who know and understand the land and its surroundings know why it is worth protecting.

This information is conveyed by means of:

  • Information notice boards
  • Show examples, e.g. the fizz/water dispenser in the shop, the raised bed garden, the insect hotel welcome sign, 
  • Mini-seminars, lectures, tastings
  • our purchasing philosophy for shop, camping and restaurant

Everywhere on the course you have the opportunity to learn something about South Tyrol. These learning places are spread all over the campsite and tell you interesting things, e.g. about:

  • South Tyrolean geography

Did you know that the Puster Valley is also called "green valley"? Or that Ötzi spent his 5000 years sleeping in the beautiful Vinschgau Valley? On our South Tyrolean tables you can see exactly which landscapes South Tyrol is divided into and which dreamlike places await you there.

  • Would you like to learn more about trees?

Most of the trees in the square are typical plants that have their home in South Tyrol. After your stay with us there will be no doubt what certain fruits and flowers are called. Our tree charts will tell you.

  • LearningSanitary Building

Here you can learn Italian, learn about South Tyrolean handicrafts and the South Tyrolean world of legends.
This guarantees that even if you stay with us for only one night, you will always be able to learn something about South Tyrol and climate protection.

Get to know a camping holiday with a difference! Have fun!

Mia & Klaus

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