Mia Egger


Marit Kristina Sigbritsdotter

I am

(was) maybe crazy, when I accepted to take over the "Moosbauer"
in love with my family

I am part of the team since

15 years

my way to Moosbauer

over the mountains, because of love

my favourite place in Moosbauer

the high table at the end of the restaurant

my favourite place in south tyrol

Kratzenberger See, Sarntal

my favourite place in the world

every mountain in south tyrol


not enough ha ha ;)
I spent a lot of time with trekking, good food and drinks with my family and/or with friends,
doing sports, and doing morning walks with my dogs on mountains

my favourite food / drink

everything made of really good ingredients and made with big love
the drink depends on the plate and my mood

where I am in 10 years

hopefully on a alpine hut in Sarntal in my freetime - this would be the luck of earth

the Moosbauer for me is

a kind of life which I never thought If someone asked me 30 years ago.
But I like it really much. Sometimes it is really exhausting, when I miss the time for me.
But then there are moments when everything is alright.
At least if I know my guests are happy, my employees have a lot of fun at work,
the candle lights in the evening in the restaurant are shining,
I see people laughing, eating and drinking - then my heart laughs

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