Our philosophy - a sustainable cuisine

We did not have to reinvent the wheel. The cuisine, the recipes of the past were already very sustainable. People obtained their products from their environment, were dependent on seasonal conditions, natural spices were used for taste and savouriness and finally as much of the products as possible was processed. Whether meat, fish or vegetables; everything that could be used was also used. And this is how we define our "sustainable" cuisine; according to these four basic pillars:

1) Regionality

2) Seasonality

3) Fairtraid

4) "From nose to tail" is the name of the new (old) trend in sustainable cuisine. "An animal gives us more than just its fillet piece", also emphasizes Alexander Holzner, our butcher of confidence. "The fillet piece makes up only about 2 percent of the animal and is by far not the only high-quality meat part. Everything that animals give us is noble and valuable. It only depends on the preparation. Anyone who wants to speak credibly of regional cuisine and ingredients must practice holistic utilization. Our grandparents already knew that." 
The close cooperation of our kitchen staff with the butcher and the support of the star chef Herbert Hintner gave us the opportunity to tackle this elaborate, risky but absolutely necessary project. Everything is freshly prepared and is only available in limited quantities: once part of the animal has been used up, it comes off the menu. This is because we no longer buy pieces of meat by the kilogram, but whole, half or quartered animals. Only in this way can this sustainability concept work. And it offers not only the restaurant guests, but also us the opportunity to constantly discover and taste new dishes. 

With the exception of "NOSE to TAIL", our kitchen philosophy naturally also applies to our pizza.

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